Tai Chi For Well-Being

Yang Style Tai Chi and Qi gong taught

Tai chi is a low impact style of exercise but it burns more calories than surfing and almost as many as downhill skiing.

Benefits of Tai chi & Qi gong:

May reduce loss of bone density. Helps fatigue

Reduction in falls. Helps Immune function

Improved balance & Posture

Increased strength. Helps relieve stress

Relaxation. Improves sleep.

Increased mental strength.

Tai Chi can significantly improve heart health, according to a study in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. Subjects who regularly practice were less likely to have high blood pressure and were stronger. Pulse measurements showed Tai Chi improved expansion and contraction of the arteries - known as arterial compliance (which is closely associated with cardiovascular disease) as well as increasing knee muscle strength.

In Britain falls are a major cause of injury and death among over 70s. Now Tai chi is being recommended by medical experts as a means of preventing falls among the elderly.

Tai Chi has turned a failing primary school round by helping pupils concentrate and improve their behaviour (report by Head Teacher Sue Ellis)

A study of 195 patients with Parkinson's Disease found that those doing Tai Chi did better than those doing stretching and resistance training. It was further shown to improve the stability and walking ability of the people, they also had fewer falls. (The findings were published in the New England Journal of Medicine)

Researchers on an eight month study trial revealed Tai Chi can boost brain volume and improve memory and thinking (this was published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease)

Evidence also suggests that Tai Chi could also overcome cognitive effects of chemotherapy (Science Daily)

Pytt Geddes was the first European to teach Tai chi in Britain. She was born in Norway in1917 and died aged 88 years in England.

At an interview with 105 year old Tai chi Master Wu Tu-Nan. He was asked: "Is Tai chi practice the reason for your longevity"? He replied: " Not directly, Tai chi helps cultivate a relaxed spirit and having a relaxed spirit is the secret of longevity".