Tai Chi For Well-Being

Yang Style Tai Chi and Qi gong taught

What is Qi gong?

Qi: energy

Gong: practice/exercise

It is a blend of Mind/Body/Spirit

It combines Physical movement, posture control & meditation.

We are currently practicing:

The Five Animals (Wu Qin Xi)

Tree/Pole (Zhan Zhuang)

Eight Pieces of Brocade

(Pa Tuan Ching).

Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong


Five Finger Meditation & Compassion Meditation

Qi gong proverbs

In stillness be like a pine

In movement be like clouds and water.

The energy is the basis of life.

Everything in the Universe changes

and develops thanks to Chi.

Zhang Zhongjing

"Jing Yue's Anthology" (Ming Dynasty)